Footnote to a successful experiment

Last weekend I demonstrated to the forum how to make a 500+ page website in one day. Today I can finally report on the first week of AdSense income from, since AdSense channel results now show up to Saturday the 26th, I can proudly say that my new site has officially earned it’s first week’s income — Ok, so 3.50 isn’t exactly rolling in dough, but in my experience it’s pretty good for the first week on a site that hasn’t been included in any search engine results yet.

Thanks to the forum exposure, got a nearly instant ranking, though it started in the 2 million range. It’s now at 1,404,045 for the three month stats, but my weekly pageview rank is at a respectable 281,276.

I’m getting ready to go on a vacation in two days, so I won’t be repeating the experiment for at least two weeks, but when I get back, I have a few new tricks I’ve learned that I want to try on my next 1 day site.

I’ll be sure to blog the results.

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