The plan…

I’ve got some ‘real’ work to get done today, and maybe tomorrow. It’s taking longer than I anticipated, but I hope to have some time on Monday to start on my 12 week challenge.

The first task I’ve set for myself is to set up a dozen sites as fast as possible. I’m giving myself two weeks (14 days) to finish 12. I won’t worry about anything other than populating the pages with content. There’ll be plenty of time to design and find affiliate programs afterwards. I want to get the sites up as fast as possible to get out of Google’s sandbox as soon as possible. I’ve proven to myself that I can get the content of a 600 page site up in just a few hours, so I’m sure I’ll be able to manage that task in between my other work.

I’ve only got niche research done for three so far, but I’ll branch off into niches related to those so I can generously interlink them.

I’ve also got plans for one product and one message board thus far. If I can’t squeeze those into the next two weeks, I’ll work on them in week three.

I’ve got one or two domains that have existed with content long enough to be out of the sandbox, but I have yet to put anything up that I can monetize. I’ll work on those in weeks three and four. Since they’re already in Google’s index and have several incoming links, I should be able to pull together new sites for them and get some immediate traffic and revenues flowing.

I’ve also got a product in mind that is just screaming for a JV which, since I didn’t finalize the specs till this morning, I’ll also include in the challenge. Since it’s going to a coder, it’ll have to get done inbetween other things.

Around all that, I’m working on a JV with another marketer that I won’t include in the challenge, since it was begun before I joined the challenge.

And of course, I still have my business work to do. So I intend to be very,very productive during the next 12 weeks.

Wish me luck!

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  1. 12 Weeks $100 a day challenge
    Not sure if I’m going to take part, but this site set itself a challenge of generation $100 a day in revenue from $0 in 12 weeks.  Sites like Problogger are already in this category.  Lots of other sites have taken up the challenge and you…

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