Got one site up today

I finally finished my pressing work, so I took a few hours in the evening to get my first challenge site online. It ain’t pretty (yet) but it’s nearly 700 pages of content. For my first site I chose the topic with the most public domain material available at Project Gutenberg, which is where more than half the pages came from, after being run through Conversionary to split the books up. I’ll probably be able to add even more from US Government info tomorrow.

Tomorrow I’ll also take a quick google for “mykeywords submit or add site” to get some reciprocal links going as quickly as possible.

Adsense is showing some really good, relevant ads so if I can get some traffic, the site should begin bringing in money quite quickly.

The next site I want to work on has great PPC prices with lots of competition from real vendors, but very little in terms of informational sites and sites by Internet marketing types. The down side is that it’s not a topic that I can use old public domain documents with, so I’ll have to make my own content. I’ll make some phone calls to research a few short informational pieces, do a search for related material in article archives, and come up with a list of 30 topics for articles on the subject I can get a freelancer to write for me.

The bonus of this particular niche is that I can branch off a number of other niches from it that have less popular keywords but that are related enough that if I drive traffic to the main site, there are lots of chances to get some spill over to the other sites as well.

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