Challenge thus far

I’ve been a little too busy with all the other stuff on my plate to adequately keep up with my proposed schedule.

However, I have gotten three sites up, and my adsense has squeaked up to about 50 cents per day. I’ve also had two Clickbank sales from those sites since setup totalling $61.10.

I also added an Amazon web services store to one of the sites which has brought three sales for a total commission of $4.32 (wow, isn’t that a letdown!).

So, my total revenues thus far: $75.32

Divided by 13 (the number of days I’ve been in the challenge), I’m making $5.79 per day.

I either have to make these better, or I’ll need to have more than 50 sites to get my daily total up to $100.00.


One comment

  1. Teli says:

    no sigh – that’s definitely a good start. keep working on it and in no time your totals will be sky high 🙂 – you may even break that $100 a day goal!


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