QuickPayPro the Cheap Way

A while back, I was almost tempted to pick up a copy of the QuickPayPro source code when it was released, since it is something I could use for a number of projects I’ve got currently and many more I am planning for the future.

When I saw that purchasers would have the right to resell the code, I decided to hold off and get it dirt cheap from one of them.

So, instead of paying $297.00 for the code, I got my copy yesterday for $2.50 from an Ebay seller. Yep, two dollars and fifty cents.

So here’s the lesson : when you read a sales letter for the latest hot piece of software or info product, stop yourself immediately when you see the words resale rights. 1) You can be assured that there will, in very short order, be way too many people selling at rock bottom prices for you to make your money back reselling. and 2) If you just want the product, you’ll be able to get it for pennies on the dollar if you’re willing to wait and search for a few minutes.

That’s not to say resale rights are always bad. I’ve made a good chunk of change from selling products I bought rights to… but they weren’t, and will never be, the overmarketed “hot products” that you’ll see most often. They’re little known, relatively unheard of niche products that only a few people have rights to.

And my final tip about buying digital products on Ebay.

Bid early.
Bid low.
Don’t bid twice.

At least 50% of the time, you’ll get the product at the price you bid, even if you lose the auction, through a “second chance” offer.


  1. Webguy says:

    Hi WendyW,
    I’m really interested in this quick pay pro sourcecode, but I just couldn’t find it on ebay for 2.50 . Would you be willing to sell me your code to me for 5.00, (I really couldn’t afford 197.00). Please, I would be happy to offer any help / service / product that you want in return. Let me know please. Thanks a lot wendy. Your site is great!

  2. WendyW says:

    Dear Webguy,

    Unfortunately (for you at least) I do not have rights to the source code, and I am planning on using my copy, so I can’t sell it to you.

    On the other hand, while the seller I purchased the code from currently doesn’t have any auctions for it, there are a number of others that are selling it for a reasonable price —

    Starting bid $9.99

    Buy it now for $24.97

    If you’re not in a hurry, just wait a few days and there’ll be more… and likely one or more with a starting bid between 2 and 5 bucks, and you can get your own super deal.

    If you don’t already have something that automates your Ebay searches, I suggest Jbidwatcher (http://www.jbidwatcher.com/), which is an OpenSource java application that will search and snipe for you. Of course, in the case of digital infoproducts, sniping is not necessary.

    And be sure to search for both “quickpaypro” and “quick pay pro”, since some sellers are listing it with spaces, and others without.


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