The positive side of any election outcome

I’ve always been a person that looks on the bright side of things. Therefore, I’ve not become overly emotional at the pre-election posturing that’s been going on prior to the soon-to-happen (I hope) Canadian federal election.

Frankly, I can’t see an outcome in which “my side” loses… my side being neither Conservative nor Liberal, but decidedly pro-freedom and strongly against “strong federalism.”

If the Liberals win, there will undoubtedly be a referendum in Quebec in which the separatists win, as Quebeckers realize that not only is the rest of Canada a different country, it’s a different planet.

That will lead to a re-working of the Federalist system, whether or not Quebec is a part of it, that will shrink Federal powers and transfer most of the responsibility to the Provinces.

And if Quebec cuts all ties, most of the worst Liberal politicians and bureaucrats will no longer be Canadians, and therefore will not be eligible for those cushy elevated-welfare positions any longer, saving countless taxpayer dollars. Coooool.

If the Conservatives win a minority (I seriously don’t think there’s a chance for a majority this time around), they can ally themselves with the Bloc on issues that shrink central power in Ottawa. On all other issues, the two parties are not likely to move anywhere — nor are the NDP or Liberals likely to agree on social/economic issues with the PCs. So the only place for manoevering, if Harper holds his ground and doesn’t become a socialist, is on the shrinking of the Ottawa bureaucratic powerhouse.

And, to be frank, if those two parties can get together and agree that the provinces should not be interefered with in their choices, methods of delivery, and methods of financing those things that are constitutionally in Provincial jurisidction, there is very little need for Harper and Duceppe to agree on social issues. Alberta can do what it wishes in regards to day care, health care and education, and Quebec can do the same. No problemo. No need for federal debate or argument.

Cool once again.

So I’m looking forward to spring elections. I already know I’m going to win.

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