Dear Star Trek Creators…

I can’t help but notice how often Captain Kirk and company landed on planets where computers had been running entire planets for thousands of years before crashing.

I’d really, really like to get in touch with the manufacturers of those computers, since I can’t get a computer to survive more than 12 months without replacing some piece of hardware or software.

My computers are housed in a very nice, cool, dry place. Not at all like the caves and hovels the computers on other planets had to endure.

And my computers aren’t running anything as complex as planet-cloaking or mind-control systems. I’m just trying to host a few web pages, or databases, or just get email and surf… and not even all on one machine.

So even if you could send over just a smidgen of that alien technology, both hardware and software– Just enough to have my computers run for, say, 25 years without failure– that would just be peachy.

I don’t even care if the computer tries to control the world, just as long as the hard drive doesn’t develop bad sectors after less than a year of service.

I recognize that all of the alien technologies on the show had some flaw or other, but I’m guessing that as long as I don’t allow Captain Kirk to bore it into self-destruction, this technology might just last till after I retire. And who really cares what happens after that?

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