Challenge Update – 6 Week Check-in

Well, I’m still nowhere near $100 a day, but I’ve got a half a dozen sites up, and some of them are starting to bring in a little traffic even while they languish in Google’s sandbox.

My new sites (combined) are bringing in around $9 a day in AdSense revenue, $100+ a month in CJ commissions, and my last two bi-weekly Clickbank cheques contained between $90 and $100 in sales from the new sites. There is also a rather insignificant amount coming in from Amazon and TrafficPoint, which is hardly worth mentioning.

Sooo… even if I don’t make the ultimate goal of $100 per day in 12 weeks, this experiment certainly hasn’t been a failure.

Two more sites are on the way before Sunday, and who knows where things will head once all these sites wiggle out of the Google sandbox for their key search terms.


  1. You’re doing pretty good so far. Can I ask you something? Are most of your websites about subjects you really know a lot about? Or are they quick websites where you get free content from other websites, and throw something together?

  2. Wendy says:

    Hi Dennis,

    It’s a pretty even split. I do make sure that I have at least a passing interest in the topic, other than making money off it. But I don’t need to be an ‘expert’. And I don’t pick topics in health/nutrition/fitness, simply because it is too difficult to do really quick research for brief articles on those types of topics.

    I mostly use content written by others and public domain works at first, but I also keep in mind that if a site really does well, I will want to expand on it, so I at least need to be interested enough to be willing to do research and write a fair amount on the topic if it comes to that.

  3. I see. Thanks for your answer, it helps a lot! 🙂

  4. Terry Tate says:

    What are your sites? Do you mind listing them?

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