More article directories…

After posting my last list of article directories (see Superfast content…), a few people pointed out some other sources of articles:

Wikipedia articles are released under the GNU Free Documentation License which allows for copying, derivitave and commercial works based on the articles, with some restrictions. Read the license for details.

-Another reader suggested and Both are excellent. Thanks!

-I also stumbled across some excellent commercial filler articles available at

-And while it won’t help with Google, if you want a really quick and easy way to add fresh headlines to your site, is as easy and fast as it gets.

I’m not forgetting that the Open Directory Project has free content by way of a directory of links (with some stipulations attached), and I’m certainly not ignoring RSS feeds as a source of content, but both of those require their own posts somewhere down the line.


  1. Rafael says:

    Hi, is also a new article directory

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