LinkMetro … not ready for prime time?

After reading a few people comment positively about, I decided to give it a go.

I added three sites, the three most likely to have link partners in such a directory, and got immediate responses for each.

Unfortunately, the responses were from online pharmacy sites which aren’t exactly related, and definitely are not the types of sites I’m interested in exchanging links with.

I checked back earlier this evening after I got a new email from Linkmetro saying a different site had requested a link, only to find that the site name and web address were completely blank. So was the space where I was supposed to be able to accept or reject the offer.

When I checked back again a few minutes ago, I did find the problem mostly fixed, and the site was marginally related, but the link to add or reject was still not working, so I will check again tomorrow.

While I was there, I added the site I just finished this afternoon to my list…. it seemed to work fine up until the site tried to calculate the pagerank (which, I am sure, is 0 since the site was just added to my DNS ten minutes ago). It decided my new site had a pagerank of 209 out of 10.

Wow, huh?

Well, needless to say the grapic for a pagerank of 209 didn’t exist, so there’s a big ugly missing image block beside my listing.

I have a feeling Linkmetro is not quite ready for the big time.

Still in need of a good link exchange program? The most reliable I’ve found so far is Site Sell’s Value Exchange.


  1. Paul says:

    I have had the same experience with LinkMetro. Part of the issue is it’s size. It is small. The other issue is the way people use reciprocal links in general. Many are would be spammers in the making. Anyway, great site btw!

  2. Jake says:

    I prefer Everything works and you can actually say no to a page on their site and make them suggest a different one, pretty cool.

  3. The Chef says:

    I registered and started to use linkmetro about 3 months ago.
    My site was ranked #6 on google, (page 1) for 3 nice keywrods, but after the last update it dropped to page 10.

    The only change I made to my site was to use Linkmetro.

    I’m not saying Google dropped my ranking because of linkmetro. I’m just saying that this was the only change to my site and now my ranking has dropped.

    The Chef
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