I had plans to work on a new site today….

But I ended up spending nearly the entire day at the Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival. The weather was co-operative, though there were a few times it threatened to rain, and the music was awesome.

Then, when the events at the main stage were over, we came home, ate pizza, and I should have gotten to some work.

But instead I stumbled on this site, and I spent the night laughing my a** off at people’s odd baby names and the sarcastic remarks attached to the various ‘unique’ nameds by the intrepid webmaster.

Incidentally, of the ‘unique’ names mentioned, At the park so far this year I’ve met two Braydens and three Aidens that are my son’s age, and about six girls named Mackenzie that are a year or two older. Those names really don’t seem all that unique anymore, huh?

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