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Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Not that I complain about free, but I just discovered that, for a mere $99 bucks, I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation.

I’ve added Mr. Rat’s Amazon AWS script to a number of sites, and although it is a great free script, the number of hours it takes me to get it ‘just right’ never seems to pay off in affiliate sales.

The average site, when it hits its stride, seems to make me about $30 per quarter. That’s not bad when you’ve got a lot of sites, but for all the time it takes to set up on each, it’s a little discouraging.

So, after a bit of searching for an alternative, I found Associate-O-Matic. I installed the demo version on my latest site, and had a perfectly integrated, fully functional shop set up in 10 minutes. I was an immediate convert, went back to the site, and upgraded to the full version.

Again, I was impressed with the upgrade. Essentially, all that was required was an upload of the new files, and the admin script imported all the old settings. Took me three minutes or less.

The licensing is fair — you can use the same script on as many sites as you want, so it won’t take long to make back the cost of the script. Or, if you would rather use the free version, 10% of the Amazon orders go to the script developers. Not at all unfair.

Finally, I like that the script is in PHP… it can reside in my home directory and not be stuck with an odd url in my cgi-bin.

I have no complaints at all, actually. It’s a nice, easy to install, painless to integrate piece of software.

Two thumbs up.

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