Contrary to popular opinion

The fastest way to get a page into Google’s index is to use their ‘submit your site’ feature.

How do I know?

My most recent site already has a few pages in Google. Not the pages I linked from my other sites, though Google’s been by several times since I added the links. They’re not even pages I added to my sitemap.

Nope, they are link exchange pages.

I’ve been using the pages to link to the ‘less than totally relevant’ reciprocal links from LinkMetro and Value Exchange, and obviously some enterprising link trader submitted those through the submit a site form, since they’re not linked FROM anywhere for Google to find them on its own yet.

Just to test the theory, I submitted a random page from the same site on Friday. Today the page is in Google’s index.

Now, I have no idea where those pages place in the SERPS, or whether they’d place better if Google had found them from an external link, but even the most seasoned SEO pro will have to admit that you get more traffic from a page that’s indexed than from one that’s not.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t know if this will make much of a difference in the way I do things. I’m certainly not going to submit hundreds of pages manually, and if everyone did that, Google would probably stop adding them so fast.

But it seems to make sense, given this information, to submit at least a few pages of each new site as soon as it’s done.

Incidentally, has the details of the Google patent application that lets some of the algorithm cats out of the bag. It’s definitely worth a look. The information contained in the summary about link exchanging might bode ill for LinkMetro as well as my ‘less than relevant’ link partners, but better for Site Sell’s Value Exchange.

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