Look Out PayPal

I’ve been working with a programmer in Romania for the past year, and one of the main difficulties in using him for programming is that it’s as hard as heck to pay him. Paypal, as some of you might know, is not available to Romanians.

We started off with Rentacoder, but their fees were rather high. We tried Western Union, but their fees were pretty grim too. We’ve experimented with MoneyBookers.com, but getting money into an account was just a pain in the a$$, and greenzap doesn’t have an option to deposit the money into his account, so I may as well send a cheque (which we first disregarded because it takes weeks and weeks for the money to actually get deposited into his account).

So, it is with joy that I see that Google is going to introduce a Paypal-like service.

When we can expect to see such a service, I don’t know, but I am looking forward to it immensely. If Google changes the paradigm for this industry — generating revenue primarily through advertising, for example– Paypal (and Ebay, who owns Paypal) better look out!

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