Mike Filsaime’s Getting a Little Frazzled

An email yesterday to all InstantBuzz members calls on
anyone who cares to write to Mike Chen and let him know
he’s dragging his a$$.

InstantBuzz.com can be back up any day if Mike Chen
would just reply to 8 emails and voice mails I leave him…..

I spoke to Godaddy, all they need is for Mike Chen to
call them , (yes just call them) and pay the $80 fine and
the site could have been back up on….

Remember, all Mike Chen has to do is call 1 person
at Godaddy with the phone number I emailed him over
8 times and the site will go on INSTANTLY.

The forum where users can post their messages has a splendid amount of vitriol for both Mikes involved. What a great example of how not to handle a site take-over.

Was Mike F. right to share his frustration to 45,000 IB members? Who knows. Mike Chen probably does deserve to have his reputation dragged through the mud, but it doesn’t seem to be doing IB members any good.

Mike F should have had an attorney involved within two days.

And frankly, he should have had an attorney deal with the transfer to begin with. If all the is were dotted and ts were crossed when the business was purchased, this wouldn’t have happened.

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