Odeo — What’s new for podcast fans and creators

Ok, I’m not keen on pink and black as a color scheme, but this
looks like its going to be a hot site nonetheless.

Odeo Syncr

Right now it’s a really nice interface for organizing podcast subscriptions, plus a more stable syncing tool than iPodder, but it looks like they’re also going to offer web and phone based podcast creation tools.

As the trend goes, it’s going to be invitation only for a while, so drop me a line if you want an invite, and I’ll spread some around when I get em.

If you want to check if your podcast is in there, or if you want to add yours, I can help you out too. Just comment with your podcast info and appropriate tags.

On a related note, podscope is another newish site for podcast fans. It lets you search the actual content of podcasts. It’s rather limited at the moment, but still a neat innovation.

If you want to add your podcast to podscope, here’s the link to the submission form.

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