EBay’s new Reseller Marketplace

EBay has just launched a private site that lets Power Sellers
buy discounted inventory from manufacturers, liquidators and wholesalers.

Yahoo news reports:

Last week, eBay announced an alliance with Global Sources Ltd. that resulted in a service called Global Sources Direct. It would boost product sourcing opportunities in China and around the world for eBay PowerSellers.

Global Sources Direct is now available through the Reseller Marketplace.

And from the press release:

Global Sources Direct is intended to create more sourcing opportunities for eBay’s PowerSellers in China and around the world, and more selling opportunities for Global Sources’ supplier customers. The service is expected to be available later this year.

Under this strategic alliance:

  • Global Sources will provide its clients with the opportunity to market their merchandise directly to individuals and businesses in China through eBay EachNet, eBay’s website in China. eBay EachNet’s PowerSellers will therefore be able to easily find more sources for high-quality products at lower prices.
  • The service will also subsequently be provided worldwide via eBay’s Reseller Marketplace, an off-eBay B2B website designed to help eBay PowerSellers source products for resale on the eBay marketplace.
  • With its warehousing, supply chain and payment services, Global Sources Direct aims to be the most robust service in the China market. It also aims to offer suppliers the greatest geographic and distribution channel scope.

Global Sources chairman and chief executive officer, Merle A. Hinrichs, said: “We expect our eBay relationship to contribute to Global Sources’ goal of giving our suppliers as many quality ways to advertise, market and sell their products as possible.

“In addition to our online, print and trade show media channels, we are adding a new channel that directly connects suppliers in China to eBay’s massive worldwide marketplace.

“Global Sources Direct also significantly extends our position of offering suppliers what is by far the most extensive range of media and export marketing services.”

eBay Asia regional vice president, Jay Lee, said: “One of eBay’s goals is to enable our community of users to become more successful. By teaming up with Global Sources, we can help our PowerSellers around the world find a new and easy way to source product directly from manufacturers in Asia and especially in China.

“We think this is a powerful idea that can help our high-volume sellers further expand their businesses.”

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