Sales Letters Personalized – The Cheap Way

Reed Floren posted a free way to personalize your sales letters on Michael Green’s How To Forum:

I hope I’m not stepping on Micheal Green or Adrian Ling toes because that is not the purpose of this post. I am only trying to help and I’m sure your product is much better than this free workaround.

I saw Micheal and Adrian’s tool and thought to myself that doesn’t seem to hard to do.

So here’s an example and a free tutorial on how to make a basic personalized salesletter, I’m sure their product is much, much, more powerful. But from what I can tell this gets the job done.

Here’s an example with my name:

If you want to display your name simply change “Reed” to whatever your name is.

Incidentally, Reed posted about his first public domain site made with Conversionary software in this post.

One comment

  1. Reed Floren says:

    Thanks for the publicity. 🙂

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