A Conversation Overheard Between Sir Bob and Bono

Bono: “Hey Geldof, look at this!”

Sir Bob: “What is it, dude. Just looks like a road to me.”

Bono: “Yeah, it’s a road. But not just any old road. Look! It’s paved with…”

Sir Bob: “GOOD INTENTIONS! Party on, dude!”

Bono: “I heard about this road once. I don’t remember where it goes, though.”

Sir Bob: “Elton’s place, I think.”

Bono: “No, thats paved with yellow bricks, not good intentions.”

Sir Bob: “Oh yeah. Well, let’s follow this one and see where it goes. We can have a few concerts along the way”

Bono: “Sounds like fun. Count me in.”

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