Hey, I just noticed the PR Update

Ok. I’m really the last person to notice this.

I have to admit that 1) I don’t use IE so I generally never see the Google Pagerank in Google’s toolbar and 2) I really stopped caring about PageRank a while ago, since it clearly has no correlation to the amount of money a site can earn. Oh, and 3) I’ve been too busy with other things to lurk around SEO and webmaster forums to see what they’re buzzing about lately.

That’s my excuse for only noticing the PR update today… about a week after it happened, apparently.

Today my son was playing on the laptop, and his subscription to Disney Blast requires the use of IE, so when I surfed around to one of my new sites after he was done playing, I noticed it. A PR of 4. Very cool for a month old site.

So then I went around to all my other new sites. All, incidentally, created primarily using Conversionary, Associate-o-matic, and a few DMoz link categories. They all had a PR of 4 too. At least on the “www.sitename.com” access. Take away the www and go to “sitename.com” and the PR was 2 or 3. I had thought that Google had fixed that issue.

My Publishing site remains at a PR of 5. This blog and almost every other site I had that used to be PR4 is now PR5. Every site that was PR5 before is still PR5.

Conversionary.com, a one page sales letter that had no PR before (AFAIK), is PR5 with or without the www. Go figger.

And in the end, I still don’t care much about PR, though the new update should make it easier for me to get link exchanges on those sites.

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