The Freezer and the Pig

There’s a pig coming tomorrow. Thankfully, it will no longer be oinking, but rather cut up into porkchops, ham and bacon… but this was sprung upon us just yesterday, so we had one full day to figure out what to do with more meat than we’ve ever had in the house at one time.

Yesterday, after we heard the news of the impending pig delivery, we did a run to Futureshop to buy a freezer. The website said the ones we were interested in were “In Stock” in the Orangeville store. But, when we got to the store we discovered that “In Stock” simply means that it’s at the warehouse and can be shipped to the store. Or at least that’s what the sales associates made up to explain the noticable lack of chest freezers in the store.

So, we ordered one from the warehouse to be delivered tomorrow. If the pig comes before the freezer, we’ll use coolers, ice and our fridge and freezer in the kitchen to deal with it.

The next problem was … where to put a 20 cubic foot freezer. Yeah, we kinda got carried away with the size. I wanted the 14 cubic ft. one, but Ian was there too, and if you know guys like Ian, you’ll know that bigger is always deemed better, so 20 cubic feet it is.

All I’m going to say is that it’s a good thing that the commercial grade HUGE freezer wasn’t in stock at the warehouse yesterday.

Back to the space issue. We don’t have a usable basement. We have a partial basement that on most days could double as a wading pool, so this rather large freezer needs a home in our main floor living space. The porch is the only place not filled with stuff — or rather, not filled with stuff that belongs where it is.

So tonight we moved all the other junk out of our porch to make way for a freezer to get ready for a pig… and we didn’t know about any of this until yesterday evening.

Things move fast around here, lemme tell ya.

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  1. Wendy says:

    HAH! I’ll have to keep in mind to mention to my family that if I ever go missing, they ought to check the freezer first.

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