I knew he’d get around to it eventually…

I’m not a flash-card-toting, teach-em-to-read early kind of mom, but I have to admit that I’m incredibly proud of my wee man for learning his alphabet, letter sounds and numbers so young.

He’s also had very good fine motor skills, so I had anticipated that he would want to start writing letters early too. But until now he’s shown no interest at all in learning how to write his name, or any other letters, for that matter.

But suddenly today he grabbed the Caillou book that came with his letter game CDROM and started tracing the letters on each page. Then writing copies of them all over the pages.

And although his method wouldn’t be approved by handwriting instructors (he tends to make his lines starting from the bottom line to the top), all the letters looked like letters by the time he’d finished each page.

Like I said, I’m not a pushy mom when it comes to learning things, but I have to admit I was gushing and praising his efforts to exhuberantly, it probably contributed to his continued efforts.

But now it seems that he’s done with his letters for the day, and has decided to play with his rubber stamping set.

The best kid in the world has a very proud mommy today.

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