This is one bandwagon I’m glad I jumped on…

Those people who have been following my blog and/or sites for a while know that what I like best is creating content sites.

Unfortunately, I’m both lazy and cheap, so I prefer fast and automated ways to create those sites– generally over a period of one or two days.

I also hate spammy, crappy scraper sites, so I want the sites I create to be useful and valuable to human visitors– not just appealing to search engines.

In order to achieve this, I use a variety of content sources and software, some which is free, some purchased, and some I’ve built myself.

For example, I had Conversionary built because I wanted a way to add public domain etexts from Project Gutenberg to my sites. I recently started using it for books from The Lost Files and other subscription sites that I’ve joined.

Which brings me to InfoGoRound.

A few months after it launched, I’d heard enough positive things about InfoGoRound to decide to join. At first, I wasn’t so sure it was a good move, but stuck with it simply because of the Cash for Content program which pretty much makes membership free.

And now, I use InfoGoRound, along with InfoGoGetter — the free software I developed to speed site creation with IGR content — on every site I build.

And today came the announcement that sealed the deal on this program for me:

Starting this month (September), IGR has decided to offer all active members private label *PRODUCT* content as well (NO extra fee and NO catch whatsoever!). Here’s exactly what you’ll get, starting this month (this is in ADDITION to IGR’s private label *article* content)…

1 Professionally Written Private Label Product
(40-100 pages on an in demand niche topic)

1 Public Domain Product
(40-250 pages on an in demand niche topic)

2 Professional Written Sales Letters
(1 letter for each of the above products)

2 Professional Web-Site Graphics Packages
(1 site designed for each of the above products)

…So, you end up with 2 *COMPLETE* product packages including content, sales letters and web graphics!

Just like IGR’s *private label* articles, you can take these products and:

-Retitle them
-Add content
-Modify content
-Insert your own affiliate links
-Create “content” web sites to generate affiliate and Adsense commissions
-Create direct response web-sites to sell each product
-Use the product content to populate your BLOG with desirable information
-Generate unlimited free search engine traffic
-And much more!

And, if you stick with the Cash for Content program, all this is still essentially free. This is probably the best content deal available online today.

So, here’s the pitch. Click the link to sign up for InfoGoRound. Then go to to download the FREE software to make the most of your subscription.

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