1 Week Article Submission Check in

New backlinks to my site from the articles: 0 (that’s to be expected, since backlinks don’t show up for several weeks)

Title search results: Google 3; Yahoo! 0; MSN 4

Hardly earth shattering.

I do know there are more pages out there with that article, since many of the directories emailed with the exact url it was published at. Had this not been a test, I probably would have submitted those pages to Yahoo and Google manually and sped up the process.

As it is, this is much less effective than I had anticipated.


  1. Bonnie Jo Davis says:

    I normally find that article distribution reaches critical mass in about three weeks due to the time it takes for the search engines to index new pages. One of my distribution clients had 900 backlinks in Google within a week because we submitted right as Google was updating the index. That was a lucky break thought… it doesn’t happen often!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks for your comment Bonnie. I will keep an eye on the results, and run another test in a week or so, with a more general marketing subject to see how the results differ for a niche compared to the “Make Money Online” topic.

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