Spinning New Articles out of Old

A few months ago I took ArticleBot out for a test drive, and got a kick out of the way it could be used to rewrite articles into totally unique creations by replacing words and phrases with lists of synonyms and similar phrases.

I never did get it to work well with my Windows machine, so I cancelled my subscription to the service after a month or so.

Now, I’ve seen a similar, web based program that will let you enter alternate words for each word in a sentence or paragraph to create unique paragraphs.

Paragraph Builder is by no means as robust or complete as ArticleBot, but it does demonstrate that the basic functionality is not that hard to reproduce.

Which, incidentally, is what I’d recommend. Rather than buying Para Builder for $100, I’d guess that it wouldn’t cost you much more than 100-150 dollars to have a Rent-A-Coder create something specifically to YOUR specifications that will work better for you than any “for the IM masses” tool would.

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