AdSense Slipping

After record months in August and September, it seems like my AdSense income for October will be back down to June levels. My traffic is steady, so the culprits are a lower CTR and lower bids on my major keywords. I’m not sure if it’s a seasonal fluctuation, or whether Yahoo!’s Publisher Network is eating into the advertising pie, but I decided to be proactive.

To deal with the lower clickthroughs, I moved my ads around a bit on the pages that generally show the worst ad performance, and I have three different color schemes rotating. This should keep a few more people from glazing past the ads in search of the article text.

I’ve also added about a dozen more articles to my main site, and plugged the rss feed to a few more search engines.

I don’t know if the second part of the plan will work, but already the pages I moved the ads around on are showing a higher CTR for the day than usual.

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