Some day, it’s not going to be so easy.

I mentioned yesterday that I was changing the placement and colors of some of the adsense ads on my site.

Thus far, the click through rate on those pages has nearly doubled, which has pretty much kicked me out of my Adsense earnings slump.

Some day boosting revenues is going to require more than 20 minutes worth of work. I hope that day doesn’t come soon.


As the day wears on, the CTR is triple my best CTR for those pages from last month.

As happy as I am, I am kicking myself for waiting so long to work on those pages. It being thanksgiving here in Canada today, I suppose I should be thankful for the money to come, rather than thinking about the money I left in the gutter in the past.

Still…. GRRRR!


  1. Scott Parat says:

    You sure are greedy 🙂 I mean you almost charge $20 for one of the most powerful pd products on the market..what’s wrong with you!

    I was looking at your favorites, noticed a checker link. Wondered if you’d mind sharing who’s page generator you are using?

    As always..Best Wishes,


  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks Scott,
    I guess greed comes in all different shades. 😉

    The site generator I use is one I’m evolving all on my own, starting from a base of Open Source code, integrating the output of other software I’ve picked up along the way, and stealing ideas whenever I like ’em.

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