More nostalgia purchases…

Walking past the local antique/junk shop today, I saw an old Spong mincer that looked like it was in great condition. I walked in and, after hearing it would cost less than $10, I bought it.

Then, I remembered my mom’s old french bean slicer, I asked if they had seen something similar.
kitchen gadgets of yesteryear
And, sure enough, they had one in stock.

The owner, however, had no idea what it was, and she had thought it was some sort of cutter for cigarettes.

It isn’t in as good shape as the mincer, but it’s easy to take apart, sharpen the blade, clean and grease the mechanism and the handle. I’ll have it back in business by the time broad beans come back in season, for sure.

The mincer came with three different blades (one is missing), the guarantee, label and instructions included… though a little worse for wear:

To tie it all in to the Internet, hmmm, well, the domain is available. So is And taking a look through the related categories on eBay, it’s definitely a niche worth looking into.


  1. Dave says:

    Definitely nostalgic, let me know if you find anymore bean slicer / french cut machines. I remember all to well slicing up bad guys in the days before computers and pretending it was a machine gun. Ah yes, back to the days when we actually ised our imaginations.


  2. Wendy says:

    Hey Dave,

    I told the shop owner to give me a call if she ever sees another one, since I know Mike and Laura wanted one too.

    I think the main problem with finding them in small shops is that the owners don’t know what the heck they are. I had to describe it in detail before the little light went on in the shop owner’s eyes and she realized she had one.

    Anyway, the one I got is exactly like mom’s, with one big and one small hole to kill bad guys with. I once looked through eBay for a slicer, and most of them just had one slot.

  3. judith higgins says:

    My mother in law just passed away, bless her heart. and in her junk drawer in the kitchen I found a red bean slicer-just like above -made in England.
    Thought it might have antique value-don’t know.
    Weird looking thing-definitely a conversation piece.

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