Got a membership site? You might want to think on this…

Credit cards expire. It happens all the time. One of mine expired at the beginning of this month.

Do you have a way for your customers to update their billing info? Not likely, if my experience is typical.

I am searching through the sites of all the membership sites I pay to belong to, and I’m finding this problem with startling regularity.

Membership site managers complain that about 30% of credit cards are rejected each month. But how easy is it to keep your information current? IF there’s no link, and slow response from a help desk, maybe it’s just easier to see how on-the-ball the site owners are, and let things go as they will until they get around to noticing that you’re not paying any more.

So, here’s a message to all you membership site owners. Provide a link. To a secure server. Provide email confirmation that the change is underway or complete.

Don’t make me ask. Don’t make me search. And don’t make me test your system to see if you’ll actually be organized enough to purge your member list of non-payers each month.

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  1. Lynette says:

    I think it will depend very much on what payment system the membership site is using. I administer 2 membership sites using 2checkout and PayPal 2checkout is a bear real pain in the butt with no way of cancellation or update info ever. PayPal is… well, PayPal and if use PayPal, the membership system has no control over credit card info anyhow – everything has to be done via PayPal. But you’re right most systems don’t have a good way to update billing. Some of the expensive monthly membership systems are honestly not very good. The best I find is still aMember and yes you can update your info – again depending on your payment processor. I think you can do it with combo.

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