Learn a lesson from my mistake

I put up a new blog a while ago, and I’m just about ready to bring it to life. The problem is, I want to add adsense.

This doesn’t sound like a problem yet, does it?

Hang on a sec, and I’ll tell you what I did wrong.

I put the word “blog” in the address of the new blog. As in “blog.html” as the file name.

Mind you, it only shows up on the index page, not the sub-pages, but that’s all it took to kill my chances of getting Adsense ads directly in my niche on the front page.

All the category pages and permalink pages show nice, wonderful, relevant ads. My blog index shows stuff like, “start your own blog”, “make money blogging”, blog, blog, blog, blog.

So, now I’m going to relink the blog away from blog.html to mynichename.html, and do a redirect from blog.html so I won’t lose any traffic to 404 pages.

Still, it sucks to make such a lame mistake.

Speaking of which, what do you think this post is going to do to the adsense ads on THIS blog?

Not that I care. This blog seems incapable of earning more than 50 cents a day, no matter WHAT ads are showing.

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  1. Lynette says:

    I know what you mean Wendy. I made the mistake for my blog too but it wasn’t a for Adsense blog but where I put my thoughts in regularly. But Adsense sucks on it now. I also can’t change it because it’s rather established 80% of my traffic come through my blog and feeds 🙁 I guess I could do some super duper Mod-rewrite voodoo but my head’s just not up to regular expressions. Since then all my Adsense content blogs get their own domain strictly.

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