Flock This

Flock is a web browser that appears to be built on Mozilla code that is the be all and end all of browsers for fanatical bloggers.

I mean, where else can you post to your multiple blogs within your browser… just by right clicking on the text you want to blog about, no less…, and have your browser bookmarks completely integrated with del.icio.us, and show a flickr top bar right in your browser window.

Then there’s the built in history search engine:

Flock comes with the open source Clucene search engine built in. Each time you visit a web page, it indexes all the content on that page so you can easily retrace your steps later. Pages you’ve starred as Favorites float to the top when you do a History Search. History Search is stored locally for privacy. For more privacy, you can wipe it out using the Clear Private Data command.

And this super awesome thing called Shelf that lets you store urls, pictures or text for future reference or blogging.

Seriously cool stuff.

Can you tell I’m excited?

Get flock now and you get a free WordPress.com blog… no invite needed.

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