Using Conversionary with Private Label Articles

 Paul Kleinmeulman has a site offering 200 private label content articles each month in various niches. The first month for PRA2 offers 50 each articles in the following niches:

  • Dog Care
  • VoIP
  • Landscaping
  • Fitness for Busy Professionals
  • Sports Cars

It sounded like a good deal, so I signed up.

After joining, I thought I might have to make an application that combines text files in order to make use of Conversionary to convert these articles into Web-ready pages.

But, as it turns out, the latest version of Conversionary should work just fine with the packages as-is.

So, if you’re a Conversionary user who also has a subscription to one of  Paul Kleinmeulman’s private label article sites, head over to your Conversionary download page, pick up the newest version of the software, and follow along.

First, unpack one of the article zip files to an empty directory and open the article RTF file in Microsoft Word or Open Office (you can ignore all the .txt files, we won’t need them). You’ll see that all the articles are there, separated by lots of spaces and a line of asterisks.  All you need to do is replace (Ctrl -H) the asterisks with nothing, then save the file and close off the word processor.

Next, set up your template for Conversionary output. In the case of articles, I would elect to NOT use the NEXT and PREVIOUS tags, and just have a “return to article list” link somewhere on the page.. either in breadcrumbs, page bottom or side bar.

Then, in Conversionary, browse for a “Single File”, using the drop down box to choose RTF as the file type.

Select “New Page at the start of each section/chapter”, and make the Page length 600 words or maybe more if there are some longer articles.

Fill in the rest of the relevant blanks, and let the application rip. You should get a directory full of HTML, plus an RSS feed, sitemap XML and a table of contents in just a few seconds.


  1. I love Conversionary for PD books, & I did give it a try on the articles, but had a couple of problems:
    1) It wouldn’t run when I deleted the NEXT & PREVIOUS tags – I’d like to have the option to drop these tags, as you suggested
    2)I don’t know why, but I never quite seem to get the page size right: I always seem to have too few or too many articles. It would be easier if I could specify a delimiter (like the asterisks) to indicate where the pages should be split.

  2. Bryan says:, the original private label article site, provides not ONLY 200-250 private label articles per month in the form of Niche Article Packs, they also provide 100-200+ articles per month in their exclusive niche article database (in addition to the niche article packs), PLUS 2-3 private label product packages per month including ebooks, graphics, and sales letters. And you can get everything for no cost via IGR’s patent pending Cash for Content program! (Currently they’re also paying $10 per month for everybody member you refer as an affiliate as well.)

  3. Wendy says:

    Bryan, I have an InfoGoRound account too, and use it ALL the time for adding new content to my niche sites and blogs. But you can never have too much content on your site, can you?


  4. Bryan says:

    Hi Wendy =) I know you do and I love your InfoGoGetter program. I just ran across your post and couldn’t resist putting in a good word for (hope you’ll forgive me ). Talk to you soon Wendy and keep up the great work here… People – listen to Wendy, she KNOWS her stuff and you’ll profit by following along! – Bryan Winters

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