So far my November has been technologically catastrophic

Really, these things usually don’t happen to me.

I have a Win2K box that never crashes, and a Linux box that REALLY never crashes, and in less than a week, I managed to kill both of them

First, the linux box just died after a system update. After a great deal of fiddling, I got it back to normal … well, better than normal since the updates are done too.. today.

Then today the hard drive on my Windows computer started to go. Everything is as sloooooooow as running Windows 3.1 on a 286 (remember those days?).

Anyway, I picked up an external hard drive and I’m transferring all the important files to it so I can swap hard drives. I ghosted a drive about a year ago with the same configuration, so as least I won’t be starting from scratch.

The bad news is, because the hard drive is so slow, the transfer is taking FOREVER. Like downloading on a 300 baud modem.

So, that’s why I haven’t been blogging.

And now that I’ve got some geekiness out of my system, I feel better already.

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