Comparing the Sites offering Private Label Content

Since it’s impossible to keep up with all the sites offering private label articles, I thought I might offer some insight into the three different membership programs I am familiar with.

First, there is InfoGoRound. I am an unabashed fan of this one, because not only is there a sh**load of new articles added every month to the members area, but if you add one yourself, the membership is essentially free. The private label product, article bundles and public domain products that also arrive each month are just icing on the cake.

If I could join only one private label content site, InfoGoRound would be the one. As you can get the membership for no cost, however, I’m sure you can find room in your pocketbook for a second site if you need even more content each month.

The second I have a membership to is Paul Kleinmeulman’s Private Rights Article Sites (both 1 & 2). I don’t know where Paul gets his articles, but they have EVERYONE elses ghostwritten articles beat hands down. Yes, that includes InfoGoGetter’s article bundles too, although some of the member written articles are of a similar calibre.

The third membership I have experience with is Cody Moya’s Your Own Articles. The articles I received from this site aren’t bad. Again better than the article bundles from IGR but inferior to most of the member articles. And they don’t hold a candle to the ones you’ll get at Private Rights Articles, so today when Paul Kleinmeulman sent an email offering one of 50 open spots in PRA1 to PRA2 members, I unsubscribed from Your Own Articles and joined PRA1 in a heartbeat.

Are there other niche article sites? Without a doubt, there are many. But as I only build content sites on the weekends when I have a spare minute or two, three membership sites delivering articles is all I can handle without falling behind. And being a cheapskate (something to do with being of Dutch ancestry, I’m told), I hate paying for something I’m not able to use.


  1. Trutori says:


    Surf the Mind… your graphics are very appealing to the eye!

    I appreciate your comparison on the Private Rights articles.

    I’m just seeking more detail information regarding Infogoround compared to Private Rights Articles 2.

    Since you have utilized both services, I have some questions.

    Does Paul K. provide Product Review articles with his service?

    Who has the best quality articles… Infogoround or Paul’s Private Rights articles?

    What’s the word count per article for Infogoround?

    If you had to choose only one service between the two, which service would you choose and why?

    I’m looking for good quality product review articles with private rights. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your honest comments and prompt response.

    Trutori 🙂

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