Context Cash — an idea that just can’t wait

I usually pretty thoroughly test or review a product or service before I recommend it, but I believe this particular one is too good to wait. Michel Fortin, one of the most successful copywriters on the Internet today, and his fiancee Sylvie Charrier, have developed a new advertising system called ContextCash for content sites that links keywords in your text directly .. well through a cloaked link .. to affilate products at Clickbank, Paydotcom, Commission Junction, and any other program you want to promote.

The price is extremely reasonable, and there really is no down-side to the system. I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will increase my revenues, so I’m telling you before I have a chance to fully test it. But, just in case you really want to see what it does, there are a bunch of ContextCash links I’ve set to double underlines in this post.

The other reason it’s important to get started soon is that, like Adsense, Y!PN and other new programs, the best click through rates generally happen when the program is new, and uses haven’t become accustomed to the style of ads.

So, here’s the link. Do not hesitate to sign up if you’ve got or are working on content sites of your own.

I’ll be adding ContextCash to my sites this weekend, hope you’ll join me too.

[ignore the test terms below unless you’re really, really curious]
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  1. Allan says:

    Context cash has really slowed page loading on your site and even crashed Firefox, when I opened multiple tabs. Also slows in IE.

  2. Wendy says:

    Hi Allan,

    You are right. The site was significantly slowed down by ContextCash yesterday. I guess the launch overwhelmed the servers. Today, however, it seems significantly improved, and I’ve been told the system will be loaded on newer, faster servers tomorrow.

  3. Michel & Sylvie have updated their servers and now the system is moving very quickly.

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