Google’s Doin’ Something…

Ok, I’m not all up on the SEO games and Google baiting stuff that goes on, but I stumbled across something odd today, and I wish someone could tell me what it means.

google results

On a search for “Marketing Company” there’s an extra result on top. Yes, there are 11 rather than 10 results in total, and the first one has an ‘other sources’ link that goes to a new Google page with four “related” pages all from the same “mini net”.

Searching the Web for info on what this could be, the only suggestion I found was that it was Google finding ways to search out link scrapers and/or link farms.

I’m not sure, since I found one other result like this under “Mesothelioma Information” that referred to Wikipedia. It does seem odd to give a link with a tracking code to a company that has more to do with business card printing that marketing per se. Unless there’s cloaking goin on there’s no reason to see that site as authoratative, or even useful, for that search term.

Any ideas?

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  1. It’s some kind of directory. The company has placed themselves under marketing rather than business cards. (Or business card marketing, I guess) But how they rate top billing? …..looks like a paid listing…something like adwords. – Chuck

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