First Context Cash results

Well, I’ve had ContextCash links up on this blog for two days, and already I’ve got results to share.

First, let me say that this blog is not a profit-making enterprise. If it pulls in 2 bucks from Google and a hundred or so from affiliate commissions , I consider it a successful month.

So, when I looked at my Clickbank account this morning and saw some affiliate sales of products I normally don’t promote (except through ContextCash), I was pleasantly surprised. In total, $98 and change from 80 odd clicks — two or three of those are me testing the links when I first installed.
ContextCash clicks so far

This is especially surprising since I primarily used the links to show people what ContextCASH looked like, not to sell stuff. And the links on this blog are not exactly “blended”, since they’re using a double underline to make them stand out.

Perhaps over the weekend when I add ContextCash to some of my other sites I’ll come back to this installation and make the links blend in, to see if it could possibly make this blog into a money-making one while still leaving it as the place where I can ramble about anything and everything that I feel like writing about.

One comment

  1. $98? That’s quite a nice sum, especially because you didn’t really do any extra work, beyond adding ContextCash. Definitely something I need to think about implementing myself. Thanks for the tip!

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