My Christmas List

I’ve been scouring catalogs and Ebay and Froogle looking for good gifts for those I’m buying for this season, and while I’ve been looking, I’ve decided to catalog a few of the things I think are cool.

1) Cordless Lighted Lap Desk
Ok, maybe I don’t do a lot of work in bed, but it looks like this would be a good way to start, as long as it’s combined with this :
2) The Lighted Massaging Lounger –“This lounger makes reading or watching television more relaxing because it provides soothing massage and heated, supportive foam cushioning to cradle the body in a relaxed, upright position thus alleviating tension.” Sounds good to me.

3) Digital Binoculars – I don’t know why I want these, but I know I always have. And now that I actually have a view from my office window, I like the idea even more.

4) Here’s the geek part of me coming through: Space Age Ant Habitat. Seriously. It looks like something that could be a lot of fun to watch. With the kid. Yeah, that’s it. And to round out the gift — and get rid of any extra ants, how about a Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set. Oh yeah, and a USB Microscope to get up close and personal pictures of both.

5) Lee Valley has some cool stuff I wouldn’t mind too, like a cut flower aquarium and a microwave flower press and companion book.

6) Heck, I saw this on Ebay, and the look of the property is cute, even if I don’t know where Sombra is. If someone’s feeling particularly generous, I wouldn’t refuse it.


  1. I do *alot* of work in bed on my new laptop, I have to have the chair and the cordless desk, what great finds!!! Thanks for pointing them out, I am adding them to my list as well 😉


  2. Wendy says:

    I got the chair for Christmas. It is even better than I thought it would be. It’s comfy, sturdy, the heat and massage are awesome, and the light is a perfect, non-glaring reading light that doesn’t hurt your eyes when reading in the dark.

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