Merry Christmas to You Too, Google…

I normally don’t feel this benevolent about 98 pound gorillas, but Google just sent me a lovely Christmas gift… sent by Courier to Canada, no less… so I’m loving them quite a lot today.

It’s odd that I’m more chuffed about receiving an unexpected gift, that probably had a total cost to Google of $40 including shipping, than the last few record months of Adsense revenues, which came to a much more substantial sum.

Anyway, Happy Holidays Google. Best wishes for a mutually profitable New Year too.

P.S. IF you haven’t taken advantage of John Delavera’s Santa DealTime offer yet, be sure to get in soon. The 1 hour bonus consultation with a pro copywriter is going to be gone tomorrow at 8:00 am EST, and that’s one doozy of a bonus to miss out on.

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