Happy New Year

Well, it’s the new year, and I’m busy paying affiliates and figuring out my revenues for last month… not my favorite chore, but it needs to get done.

So, I’ll take a break and wish you a great new year, whatever your goals may be.

My goals include spending more time with my three year-old son, spending more time visiting family, and saving – rather than spending – more of the profits I make from Internet Marketing.

Looking back on last year, I made some great gains in the revenue department with the release of Public Domain Explorer. After buying Adsense Gold in late December 2004, my AdSense income increased substantially for 2005 as I honed my ad colours and placement. And for the last two months my Clickbank earnings have been steadily increasing because of ContextCash.

I have a super duper programmer at my disposal who has created some time saving applications to help me get through my ‘real work’ faster, and some new software I’ve picked up in the past 12 months has helped speed up my online income generation efforts.

In particular,

The first things on the menu for the current year are to release Software Site Builder, and start work on my next product.

Oh, incidentally, if you had a chance to check out my Christmas list and drool over the lighted massaging lounger, let me assure you that it is even better than it sounds. Put it on your list for next year. Seriously.

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