High quality info doesn’t get any cheaper

If you’ve blown the last of your paypal account, and you’re still yearning for some great business information, I’ve got three great links for you.

First, Go It Alone! by Bruce Judson from HarperCollins press is available for online reading (an experiment to monetize books with contextual text ads) at the author’s web site. The book is a ‘start your own business’ primer that’s really down-to-earth.

From the introduction:

Today, the conventional wisdom about how to start a substantial business is just plain wrong. Now, you dont need to raise a lot of money first, you dont need a team of employees, and you dont need limitless financial resources. This book details how in todays business environment it is easier, and more possible, than ever to build a significant business on your own with no employees.

Next, from Doug Hall, are mp3 audios of his two Jump Start books: Jump Start your Marketing Brain and Jump Start your Business Brain. I adore Doug Hall’s books, and his most excellent radio show “Brain Brew” (also available as a podcast at 800BrainBrew.com). Don’t miss out on his amazing advice.

Finally, from business coach Brad Sugars is this offer of 21 free ebooks — with the catch that for every three you have to refer one friend. Still, I have downloaded nine of the PDFs, and from the one’s I’ve read so far, I can tell you that any friend interested in sales, marketing and business won’t hate you for sending them to this offer. The information is useful, solid, and pulled together in very nice and easy to read documents. Plus, I think his tactics for gathering new leads is very slick and worth studying. Incidentally, does anyone know what software he’s using to deliver the downloads?

All of these are very good reads, and you can’t get any cheaper than free, can ya?

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