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Since “Tagging” is turning out to be the next big hype in internet marketing (aren’t you glad I told you about it back in February?), I thought I’d share another tip with you to help you generate more traffic with tags.

Now, if you know anything about tagging, you’ll know that Technorati is king of the blog tagging world.

And if you’ve experimented with tagging, you’ll realize that on Technorati, the number of people who have bookmarked your site with a particular tag doesn’t matter. You get to tag your own post, and for as long as you’re the most recent post with that tag, you get top billing.

You’ll also know that for some really popular tags… the ones that can bring oodles of visitors… you’ll stay on top about 15 seconds at most.

So, what is a traffic-searching soul to do? (Especially if the site you want to promote is a regular content site, not a blog!?)

Well, visit Technorati for a second and look at a page for any particular tag. You can head in that direction by clicking any of the tags below this post, for example.

See the pictures on the top? They’re from Flickr. Yep, if you have a Flickr account, you can post photos AND TAG THEM.

Those photos tend to have a much longer stay on the page, and if you have a compelling shot, they have GREAT placement. The problem is, they lead to your Flickr page — not your web site.

But that’s no reason no to use them. Here are three things you can do:

  • Add your URL as a copyright notice on your pictures
  • Create book cover images to match your blog posts, and upload the covers to Flickr and tag them
  • Use your URL as your Flickr username (you’ll have to use a hypen instead of a dot, like surfthemind-com)
  • Put your URL as the very first text in the description of your photo
  • Put a compelling headline as the text of your description, and use and HTML a href tag to link it to your site
  • Add your URL to your Flickr profile

While Flickr tags don’t have all the advantages of a Technorati tag, there is still a great opportunity for exposure and targeted traffic (depending on your niche) if you play them right.

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  1. David Rogers says:


    Have been reading a few of your articles, especially on tag and ping very informative. Will be book marking your site and will be back again. Didn`t realise your site was about internet marketing, till I arrived. Good domain name, will remeber that.


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