Google Co-op

Google’s attempt at integrating a human edited directory of sorts into its results is definitely one of the more unique ways the search giant has come up with so far to add humans to the search relevancy mix. The beauty of it is that, since users have to subscribe to a particular provider to see the results they generate, it’s harder to scam the system. After all, no one would want to willingly subscribe to a service that made their results LESS relevant, would they? At least not without some incentive.

So, while this offers little or no benefit to throw-away site builders, those who offer valuable content to loyal subscribers stand to gain.

Take a look at Search Engine Watch’s profile as an example… when you subscribe, you’ll see the top three headlines related to your query from the Search Engine Watch Blog.

Thats a #1 position in a SERP for “Google” without any SEO effort at all.

So, how can Google Co-op help your site or blog? How can you entice subscribers to subscribe to your provider directory?

Think on it tonight. I know I will.

Edit: I’m still a little unsure of myself in Google Co-Op land, but I did find this RSS to Google Co-op converter that might come in handy:

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