This blog is PROOF you don’t need to spam to get good Tag and Ping Results

While social bookmarking sites are still dealing with the onslaught of spam following the release of Sean Wu’s Tag and Ping book, this blog has steadily gained traffic and search engine rank, not by spamming, but by using the techniques I explained in my “Tag and Ping for Affiliate Marketers” post.

Before I began blogging again last week, I had taken a multi-month hiatus from this blog, and traffic to it had suffered. When I returned to blogging my alexa rank was over 500,000. This is a screenshot of my traffic rank as it currently stands. A week and a day after my first serious return post.

Traffic ranking for Surf the Mind
While my 3 month stats are still in the high range, my rank for the day and week are much improved.

A lot of my traffic has come from social bookmarking sites, Technorati and blog searches, and my search engine results have started showing up quite well too. Check out this results for the term “tag and ping” in Google:

Google Screenshot
Think about it. All the gurus with SEO experience were plugging the Tag and Ping release, yet my little old blog got the #1 natural search result for the term. And I’m not even pitching the product.

I did exactly four things that brought me the extra traffic:

1) Used technorati tags and Flickr tags as I outlined in previous posts.

2) I commented and tracked back a few other blogs that were discussing the tag and ping release

3) Bookmarked my blog posts in about 10 different social bookmarking sites, using one account. That’s it.

4) Used my blog address in my signature when posting a few posts to related forums. I would estimate less than a dozen posts in total.

I didn’t misuse any site’s resources. I didn’t spam anyone. But my traffic has increased, according to Alexa, by 225% in a little over a week.

Just imagine if you do this for a product you’re actually trying to sell!

My last 100 visitors came from:
Traffic Sources


  1. Andrew James says:

    Hi and thanks for the interesting article here. I was reluctant to jump in feet first when Sean Wu’s book first came out as his method of Tag and Pinging looked to me like spamming. Since I dont have a great deal of spare time I am however interested in legitimate ways to leverage my time so do you have any opinions on the current Tag and Ping software like ‘Tag to Rank’ and ‘Tag Automator’ ? They both come with pretty steep price tags but if theres some positive feedback Id be interested in making an investment in something that gets the job done faster but without spamming.

    Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    Wow. those are in the upper range. I’ve got an app that just needs a few more tweaks that I think I might just release for a $14 a month subscription fee that does more than both of those apps. It covers 22 bookmarking services, but requires a lot of maintenance to keep up with the ever-changing login procedures at those sites – thus the subscription fee.

    Let me know if you want to be a beta tester, or get a gratis version in exchange for a testimonial


  3. venus says:

    wendy, i am interested in your beta program and 14 a month bookmarking service. i just found you online researching tag and ping. thanks

  4. SansFaim says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I have been Social Bookmarking since the launch of delicious. I want to start blogging and would be very interested in your beta bookmarking service as I find this part very time consuming.

    I use Diigo, which automatically links to delicious, blinkit and furl but I would like to subscribe to more, in an effort to drive my blog up the ratings.


  5. ebooksmoney says:

    I think this tag and ping is a very good marketing method,and with the help of those useful tools,it can save a lots of time, so nice,thank you.

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