How the Internet Marketing Crowd’s Short Memory can Help You

It’s amazing how quickly the internet marketing crowd jumps from one fad to another based solely on who’s got the latest ebook out.

Blog and Ping is dead…. even though it still works if you use it right.

Remember the brief flare of press releases? They still work incredibly well even though they’re sooo 2005.

It won’t be long before tag and ping is forgotten as well.

And RSS. Wasn’t that supposed to be revolutionary? Now all IM folk are using RSS for is to put newsfeeds from Yahoo and Google on junk adsense pages.

But creating your own feed and allowing others to use it seems to work quite well to get incoming PR as well as driving traffic.

I recently started creating sets of 52 weekly “tips” articles, published only by RSS feed, with links to my related sites. After a few weeks of publishing so people could see the quality, I posted the availability of the feeds for publication as content in forums and email lists related to the subjects, and today I found my RSS-fed articles on one subject placed on the front page of a PR 7 website, and on sub-pages of several other sites with PR values ranging from 3 to 5.

These are fairly active websites and the traffic coming in from these sites is significant.

I’ve also noticed traffic coming in from personalized homepages at Yahoo and Google, as well as online feed aggregators. I’m sure others are receiving the feeds in their desktop clients as well.

RSS publishing has, thus far, been far more effective for me than article marketing which takes four weeks (in my experience) before you start seeing high quality backlink results in Google, and rarely results in long-term placement of your link on a high PR page.

RSS publishing is like article marketing without the article directory submissions, with the added benefit of the possibility of a personal subscriber base thrown into the mix.

Why was it abandoned? Maybe just too geeky. Maybe the requirement that you actually publish something of value was too great once people discovered that feeds full of spam get few results. But I’m not complaining. I have no competition trying to edge in on my new great placements on other people’s sites.
Are there other marketing methods that IM has left abandoned in its wake that you could revive with a Web 2.0 twist?

You’ll have less competition for eyeballs with those old methods, and possibly great results as well.


  1. Good use of RSS

    As a regular reader of Wendy’s blog I would like to point to her latest blog post on RSS. Wendy is using RSS to publish a weekly tips feed which she has publicised through forums and email lists.

  2. Matia Bryson says:

    I have been a little perplexed by the way the IM’s have neglected RSS. Their oversight can be our good fortune: I was pleased to discover that there were no RSS feeds for my niche area of the quality and frequency that I felt I could deliver, so I started one. I started my feed only two weeks ago and have seen my search engine traffic alone double. I publish a new item in my feed daily.

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