Make your own Word Press themes with no coding knowledge whatsoever.

I usually don’t explicitly throw my endorsements at products. Usually I’m terribly sceptical about everything overpriced and IM related, but this really is cool.

If you use WordPress to power your blogs, but don’t know a whole lot about coding or css, you’ve probably got a pretty standard template for your blog. And, the more standard your blog looks, the more likely it gets mistaken for a splog by your visitors, and by splog hunters.

But customizing a WP theme isn’t exactly a job for an html/css newbie.

But now it actually might be. As long as you can customize a header graphic that’s 800X200, you can create your own theme, with your choice of left or right hand menu layouts, in no time at all.

John Delavera’s WP Themerator is an application for Windows that makes the process of creating a theme as easy as clicking a few buttons and choosing an image. It really is spectacular. In about an hour, including image creating, I created a new theme for Ian for father’s day.

Seeing that I’ve seen generic WordPress templates for sale for over $50, you could even use this software to start your own custom blog template creation service. Or just make all your blogs look niche-tastic. Ug. I can’t believe I used that word.
And again, I’ll try to avoid the hype, but there is a limited time special this weekend if you can use Paypal to purchase.

So… here is what you need to do:

1. Click here to visit the intro video page to see how easy it is to create your own blog theme for WordPress.

2. Click the link: “Download Themerator today!”

3. Fill in your email address.

4. Insert the following coupon in the next page where it is asking for the coupon:


…then click the “Update form” button. Verify the change in the price.

5. Select “Paypal” from the list and proceed with.

That’s it!

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