PaydotCom — I’m jumping ship

I’ve been holding off releasing my latest product… partly because I’m not so sure I want to continue using Paydotcom for handling payments.

It seems to be down frequently, support is virtually non-existant, and it really didn’t bring the affiliates in as well as Clickbank.

That said, I’m not so hot on Clickbank either.

And while I have a separate affiliate software for Conversionary, I’m thinking about getting a new domain and running all my payments and affiliate programs through one link running iDevAffiliate.

I’ll make sure the PDC links still work for PD Explorer affiliates, so if the referring url is, PDC will be the main processor and everyone gets their cut… but I’ll be working to transition everything over soon.

The straw that broke the camel’s back? The expired security certificate, followed by more down time, and no response via the support forum or help desk.

This only a week or two after someone emailed me because they were unable to join as an affiliate because of a malprogrammed captcha on their site, and a week before that were emails that the payment link didn’t work because PDC was down.

While my own domain might not be perfect, at least I’ll feel like I’ve got some control over problems like that… and I know who to blame and who to yell at when things go wrong.

And, as a bonus, I’ll be able to use a merchant account as well as Paypal for receiving payments.

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  1. Bcarter says:

    It seems that paydotcom is still having the reCAPTCHA problem. I can’t sign up to become an affiliate because the captcha is not valid for the signup URL.

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