The Side Benefits of Making WordPress Themes

I wrote before about the benefits of high PR links from WordPress Theme directories, but there’s another benefit I’ve been seeing as well.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been noticing that a lot, and I mean A LOT of new incoming links are coming from blogs that have installed my themes.

Now, I wouldn’t call these links targeted. For example, my WordPress dashboard shows the latest, and two are video game blogs, one’s about jewelery, one’s about job hunting, and one’s an erotica fetish blog. But the are incoming links, and they are bringing traffic.

As a caveat, I imagine that if I had linked the credits to an online pharmacy, more of the blogs using the theme would have deleted the reference, for fear of harming their own rank in Google, so if you do pursue theme creation, I’d suggest using sites in a ‘Good Neighborhood’ as defined by Google in the credits line.

How this will eventually effect my Google PageRank, or even SERPs, I have yet to discover. But it does confirm that creating WordPress themes is a very viable way to create one-way links to your website.

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