Must-have WordPress Plugins

AdSense Helpers

1) Adsense Deluxe : I don’t use it on this blog, but on others, it’s indispensible. It adds an Adsense block inside your posts with just a click.

2) Adsense Beautifier: This one is visible on the single posts page of this blog. It automatically ads images to adsense ad blocks to increase clickthrough

Tags and Bookmarking

3) Bunny’s Technorati Tags: Easily add Technorati keyword tags to your posts. See the tags beneath all of the posts on this blog for an example.
4) Sociable: Add links to all the best social bookmarking sites under your posts.

Keep Visitors Longer

5) WordPress Related Entries: Keep people clicking by showing posts related to the one they’re reading.

6) Adhesive: Makes some posts “sticky” so they stay at the top of the category page no matter what date they were posted.

Encourage Return Visits

7) Subscribe2 : Lets users subscribe to different blog categories to receive alerts when you post in topics of interest to them.

8) Subscribe To Comments : Another way to bring back past visitors. Once someone has commented, they can receive notification when that comment thread is updated for potential replies.

Make Search Engines Happy

9) Google Sitemap Generator: create an updated Google Sitemap everytime you post.

10) Add Meta Keyword Tag: Turn your Bunny’s Technorati Tags into Meta Keyword Tags.

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