Be patient. Watch and wait.

I’ve been hearing a lot of marketers wail and moan about one thing or another lately.

“Google’s new AdWords rules are going to put me out of business!”


“Microsoft’s new office suite will make my PDF software obsolete!”

and all manner of other complaints and predictions of doom.

I read in an old newspaper once an anecdote about a town that passed an ordinance stating that if the home owner had a sign stating “No Solicitors”, that  door to door salesmen would be fined if they disregarded it.

The next day, a large group of salesmen met and bemoaned their fate.

All except one. He was loading his truck with merchandise he planned to sell that day.

His compatriots asked him, “Didn’t you hear about the  new law?”

“You bet,” he said as he held up a no solicitation sign with a price tag dangling down.

He was going to make a killing that day.

Mark H. McCormack, in his book What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School wrote:

It is still amazing to me  how the simple passing of time can totally alter a situation, solve problems, render other problems meaningless, cool down confrontations, and add a whole new perspective….

Part of being opportunistic is waiting, like a cat in a forest, for an opportunity to come along…. in our twenty-odd years in business, 90 percent of our successes have involved in some way the need for patience, and 90 percent of our failures have been caused in part by lack of it.

I guess what I’m getting at is that things are rarely as catastrophic  as they seem. If you’re overwhelmed by the new rules Google’s  put in place, cut down on your spending and stick to lower cost keywords for a while as you feel your way around the new landscape.  Watch what other people are doing too, because what is bad news to one is opportunity to the person who can see the different angles.

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